Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment

Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment

Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment


 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

 The Campus Shield Services offer certified instructors through  The National Council For Behavioral Health  in Youth Mental Health First Aid. This nationally and internationally recognized course  is a 6 hour public education program which introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches individuals how to help an adolescent in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge.  Youth Mental Health First Aid uses role-playing and simulations to demonstrate how to assess a mental health crisis; select interventions and provide initial help; and connect young people to professional, peer, social, and self-help care.  

Behavioral Threat Assessment

The Campus Shield Services provides over site and Subject Matter Expertise on all matters related to  threats at school sites. These threats  are communications of intent to harm someone that may be spoken, written, gestured, or expressed in some other form, such as via text messaging, email, or other digital means. Threats may be implied by behavior that an observer would reasonably regard as threatening, planning, or preparing to commit a violent act.  A behavioral threat assessment must be conducted involving all mandatory participants in order to  ensuring a safe learning environment.   

Safe Schools Compliance & Emergency MANAGEMENT

Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment

Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment


Safe School Compliance 

 The Campus Shield Services offers access to our Subject Matter Experts that will provide for compliance with local, state and national guidelines related to safe schools. After generations of school shootings and other critical incidents, there are a multitude of best practices for school safety.   The likely causes of non-compliance are complacency, resistance to the law, or both. Compliance coordinates and implements risk management, school culture, and the community expectations to eliminate notion that " It will never happen here.” 

Emergency Management

The Campus Shield Services follows the national approach to deal with critical incidents before, during and after. We support and offer services related to preparedness by incorporating the following solutions : 

Prevention is the actions taken to prevent a threatened or actual incident from occurring. 

Protection  is the ongoing actions that protect students, teachers, staff, visitors, networks, and property from a threat or hazard. 

Mitigation is  reducing the likelihood that threats and hazards will happen. 

Response is  stabilizing an emergency once it has already happened or is certain to happen in an unpreventable way and facilitate the transition to recovery. 

Recovery is  assisting schools affected by an event or emergency in restoring the learning environment. 

Professional Development and Training

Mental Health and Behavioral Threat Assessment

Professional Development and Training


Professional Development

The Campus Shield Services offers a variety of educational based professional development for administrators and front line staff on topics ranging from  Exceptional Student Education and Awareness Training,  Anti Bullying, Effective Response to COVID-19 Training.  Critical Incident Response Training, Security Monitor Training, Emergency Operation Procedures, along with Full-Scale and Functional Drill Exercises. Educational services are constantly in demand and we provide customized training courses  for our clients 


 The Campus Shied Serves has partnered with the Training Response  Network to provide access an e-Training platform that will enable staff to take professional development  training courses to further enhance their understanding of safety and security best practices.  The e-Training course material is located in a cloud-based hosting Learning Management System technology platform which provides custom support for all staff enrolled in each  

e -Training module. More information on this optional e-Training platform can be found at